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December 30, 2008. YES WE DID!! Okay 2008 kinda got away from us. lots of stuff was going on. Reality pilots; web based series; PSAs; documentaries; and oh yeah, that little seismic shift in the political landscape. So here we are on the next to last day of a troublesome year for a nation near collapse, or two days before what could be one of the most transformative years in our nation's history. Cinema. Music. Politics. When captured through the right aperture, tonality harmonized with cadence, or vision that adheres to the collective call for change...a demand of and from ourselves that we are better than this...drama, conflict, inspiration, triumph, and dare we say Love...when heard at the right moment, viewed through the correct lens, or proposed at the right time, Cinema, Music, Politics can change lives, inspire dreams, propel a Nation. YES WE DID!!

A' rato. Love Often. AMP is currently in development with actor/producer Brian J. White (Stomp the Yard, The Family Stone, The Shield), and Igbodike Obioha of Berger-Kahn on a feature project written by Allen Sowelle.

Like the rest of the world, we too are waiting on the theatrical release of the feature Afro Ninja, edited by Allen L. Sowelle, and based on the internet viral sensation of the same name. The film is directed by Hollywood stuntman Mark Hicks, who also stars along with Marla Gibbs, Jim Kelly, and James Black. Sowelle also produced the behind the scenes featurettes for the DVD.

And then there's the Hollywood Men Reality Pilot. Hmm, what can we say about a reality show on male erotic dancers? Stay tuned to this spot. We'll have the trailer up shortly.

In the meantime, AMP producerLizette Jamison anticpates her next project, while Allen Sowelle continues to donate his time and energy to the unprecedented and transformational campaign of Senator Barack Obama. And in the words of Icon, "Pull your pants up children."

Check out the Obama youtube spot written, shot, and edited by Allen.

Also we have some new clips added to the sample reel with more to come soon.

Contact us anytime for copies of any of our projects. We'd love to hear from you.

Inform and Inspire,